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Hints About Upcoming New Content (Day 1)

  Like the subject line says. 

  This little post is just a teaser about what's to come.  It will include various hints, and perhaps the occasional short description.  It's up to you guys to guess what the hints mean.  You're welcome to post your guesses, but the mods most likely will not tell you if you're right.  Please note, some of the hints are intended to be misleading, but still apply -- just not the way you might think they do.  These are also not in the order they would be happening, should they be approved.



  -  This place will be great for you if you have a hobby... if you don't mind little old ladies with way one too many cats.
  -  Partyin' until the AM.
  -  Jack of all trades


  - Putting these two in the same place might not be such a good idea.
  - Most likely the first optional memory-wipe arc will take place here.
  - Two sides to every story.


  - And you thought the Subway Zombies were bad.
  - What comes before one?
  - Oh sure, it's nice.  But in the dark....


  - Golly gee willikers!
  - Soda jerk
  - Red striped uniform



 - California, 11/15/08
 - I'm not going outside in that
 - Number 3


  - First optional temporary memory-wipe arc
  - Hey!  The numbers match up on this one!
  - Er....  Could you really call it that?


-  Night -- Er, Day of the Living Dead
 -  Okay, who left the door open?
 -  I don't know, I just keep feeling like their eyes follow me whenever I move.

  That's it for this one! 


Requests for Day 1 &2

Requests for Day 1 & 2

  Requests post for Day 1 & 2.

Here you may request/suggest:

  Weather conditions for upcoming days
  Room assignments
  Mod-controlled NPCs
  Arc ideas
  Place ideas
  NPC ideas
  Event ideas
  Monster ideas
  Art (handled by other muns, not specifically mods)
  Memes (for the OOC comm)

Events and Weather for Day 1

Events and Weather for Day 1

Day of the Week

M T W Th F Sa Su


Transcendence opens its doors! Characters first begin arriving.


The weather today is a little bit chilly, with a bit of a breeze. Just enough to make you want to go inside after a while. It's mostly sunny, with a few clouds drifting here and there.

Approximate Season





Namine (Kingdom Hearts
Raven (Teen Titans [Cartoon])
Luc (Suikoden)

Room Assignments 

  Sunset City Hotel
    Room 215 :  Namine (Kingdom Hearts)
    Room 324 :  Raven (Teen Titans [Cartoon])
    Room 412 :  Luc (Suikoden)



Clock Tower



  None.  Since it's only the first day, everybody's being given time to settle in.

Ribbon Cutting

  The OOC comm. is now open for business!  Go ahead and chat before the RP starts.