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Monster Listings

Monster Listings

  A listing of all the monsters created in the course of the game.  These may be used by anyone, AS LONG AS THEY FOLLOW THE SPECIFICATIONS.


Name:  Subway Zombie
Appearance:  Rotting, walking, human corpses.  Their flesh ranges from blue to green to purple and splotches of yellow, and is rotten and full of holes.  They bring with them an unholy smell of rot and decay, and sometimes bring along maggots and flies and the like.  They generally still have the tatters of clothes.  They shuffle and wheeze and moan a lot, but they're a lot stronger than they look.
Habitat:  Subway systems duriing DEAD ZONEs.  Outside of those times, they disappear completely.
Behavior:  Some of them still have eyes, and others don't, but rest assured -- they can see you.  Whether it's smell or some inner drive towards living creatures, they will probably know you're there.  They don't like light very much, and will not leave the subway system.  They only appear during times when a subway station has been designated as a DEAD ZONE.  They're very slow, but often very strong, and despite the fact that their teeth are rotten they are strong enough to gnaw through your skin, given enough time.  They have a nasty habit of suddenly appearing right where you don't want them to be, which is usually right behind you.  They're not very smart, but are very persistent.
Times:   Only during DEAD ZONE times at subway stations.

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